Custom And Clean Garage Storage Cabinets

White cabinets installed in Santa Barbara

Coastline Garage Its Garage Cabinets you want? We manufacture and install in many areas. Custom built or standard sizes available. Plenty of colors to choose from. White, being common and pictured, is economical. We build our garage cabinets with ¾ thick material all the way around. Flush mounted handles for tight spaces. Complete and…

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Commertial Grade Cabinets

Commercial cabinets installed

Coastline Garage is a manufacturer of custom and standard cabinetry and fixtures. This quick and easy installation in Camarillo, CA serves as a work bench and a desk for this commercial business. This work station is built to last, like our garage cabinets, we use shelf stiffeners, flush handles, and full backing. All ¾ think…

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Garage Remodeling


Garage remodels are not as hard as they seem. We manufacture and install cabinets and organizers to fit your needs. All you have to do is make the choice and we do it all.

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